Future Predictions Gone Wrong . . .

Everybody was wrong. Again. Now, let’s have a little fun and look back at some hardened predictions.

Firstly, pollsters miscued the 2016 presidential election in seismic fashion. And so did the Media . . . and so did the EXPERTS . . . and so did the celebrities . . .

Donald Trump tapped into an electorate that was fed up with Washington insiders. He mounted a populous shock victory over Hillary Clinton in a historic US presidential election that sent world markets into a frenzied meltdown and then rebounded.

No folks, the world has not ended, it will go on . . .

So much for the expert predictions . . . How did they get it so wrong? 

There’s not going to be a President Donald Trump, that’s not going to happen . . . He will NEVER, EVER be president of the United States . . . I assumed he was running as a Joke . . . so they said, Zero chance . . . Here today, gone tomorrow candidate . . . let’s be clear Donald Trump will loose the election . . . He won’t be the president, don’t worry about it . . . this race is OVER, the Republicans will start to hide . . . I guarantee it . . .

Donald Trump’s victory was unprecedented and dealt a blow to many pollsters and polling pundits.  It put  into question the  credibility of the nation’s leading pollsters.   It appears they underestimated many hidden Trump supporters and peopled who went to the polls unaccounted by Hilary supporters.

It would be interesting to determine the amount of Bernie supporters who turned around and voted for Trump?

The media hype was at its worst.  While CNN polls and Fox News polls all pegged Hilary as the clear winner, actually right up to the 11th hour, there was one notable exception among pollsters.

The Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll consistently predicted Trump as the leader throughout the final months of the campaign — and to much chagrin from from political pundits.

What’s makes for a funny Facebook video now (see above) is how the media and celebrities took their disgust to the airways in recordings that now, they wish they would have never said.  So much for the predictors and expert opinions.

Donald Trump predicted that Obama would undoubtedly go down as “perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States.”  Unlike his media-celebrity, pollster counter parts, he at least predicted something that may actually prove true.



6 thoughts on “Future Predictions Gone Wrong . . .

  1. Let’s be honest. Most of the people in this administration lies to us, day in and day out.

    They never seem to find the answer even if it’s right in their face.

    Since 2008, we’ve had a fraud in the White House. He doesn’t even understand how he came into power. It’s sad to think that people elected him twice.

    I don’t understand how we even elected him in the first place.

    This year was a year to never forget: Cubs came back from a 3-1 deficit, Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit and the candidate that the media single-handed bashed every day, won.

    This has been a year to never forget.

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      1. It was great man! Thank you boss, well a buddy of mine knows how to code so I bought it from him. He told me you can find different free templates that look like this one

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