Actress claims President Obama Greatest President in our Lifetimes

I rarely watch the Late Show with that liberal bleeding-heart Stephen Colbert.  After last night, we can add to the list another Hollywood liberal who has it all wrong.

Actress Megan Mullally, better known for her roles on Will and Grace and Parks and Recreation,  and a dead ringer lookalike to Tina Fey (Is this a coincidence? – I think not) shared her thoughts on President Obama and Donald Trump.  It seems there is no shortage of stupidity in Hollywood circles.


In the interview, she discusses her invitation and trip with her husband, actor Nick Offerman, to the White House Christmas party, where she met Michele and Barack Obama.

She apparently had a hard time holding back the tears.  She also points out that Obama came up to her, and no, she was not “singled out” or “having an affair” with Mr. Obama.  In reality, she and her husband were the last in line to meet the president.

Obama was also “charming and amazing”, and at the cheers of the liberal audience (massive cheers and applause), had told the prez that she “loves” him and “don’t want you to go”.  Sorry, Mullally, he had his chance and now he’s GOT TO GO.  🙂   He then gave Mullally a hug and said “we are not going anywhere.”  Mr. Obama, I’m not sure you completely understand, that is not what Mullally really meant.

Apparently, at this point, Mullally lost it and broke down into “wrenching sobs”.  She almost lost it a little with Colbert, so apparently the Hollywood, bleeding-heart liberal virus is alive a well.

Yes, this was the kind of gushing sobs and crying that we saw the millennials exhibit on election night.  And to additional raucous cheer and applause, she calmly states that obama and michelle are “the greatest president and first lady in any of our lifetimes.” (More applause please.)

Colbert then reminds her that she has a ‘working relationship’ with Donald Trump after working with him on a “Green Acres” scit for the Emmy’s in 2006.  She tries to comically now call this her “suicide note“.

“But you worked with the guy, do you think you will get a cabinet position?” (Colbert)

“Do you have a barf bag back there?” (Mullally)

“What was he like to work with, as a professional” (Colbert)

“Oh, dreamy” (Mullally)

“You know, he’s a pro, an entertainer, you gotta give him that.” (Colbert)

. . . ” you know, I’m not gonna give him any points for ANYTHING – SORRY.” (Mullally) – (to more cheers and applause)

Apparently, there was also an Emmy contest for the best costumes/skit, and Donald and Mullally won it.  Looked like a couple of winners, but not so according to Mullally.  She then dry heaves on stage . . . to more applause.  She apparently didn’t like winning.  We all get it Mullally.  Being a sore loser must be hard to stomach.

“Here’s the grabber, the next day Donald Trump called her and congratulated her on the win.  That we “really needed to win it” and that “it was a landslide [victory].” (Mullally)   Ok, again, Mullally, we get it, you made the point.  Colbert then congratulates her on her win and slyly reports that Donald is still looking for a Secretary of Agriculture.  Colbert then says that he thinks he has a “black guy” now for the position, but not sure.  Wow, really Colbert, the race card?

The exchange was un-funny and not really entertaining.  This is why I rarely watch the Late Show.



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