Why the Electoral College will not be Abolished

Another Democratic pipe dream.  Even a week after the electoral college confirmed that Donald Trump will be our president (Sorry “not my president” whiners), the Clinton News Network (CNN) continues to roll out the bitterball.  (see my post Bitter to the End).

CNN continues to ride “the electoral college is not fair” train and refuses to get off.  Sore losers.


In a recent article published by CNN that claims Trump was ‘swamped’ by Clinton’s popular vote, the sore losers are out in full force. (It’s official: Clinton swamps Trump in popular vote-CNN Politics)

Most people do not understand the purpose behind the electoral college.
Most people do not understand the purpose behind the electoral college.

I would hardly call a 2.1% margin of victory and 2.9 million votes a ‘swamp’ victory.  You will see why if you continue reading.

Again, in another media biased article from CNN politics, there is a complete misunderstanding of how the electoral college works and why it has stood the test of time for the last 200 years.

In 1787, our forefathers drafted the U.S. Constitution and decided the average citizen wasn’t educated enough or understood a democracy to elect a president without the bridge of a system known as the Electoral College.  It goes much deeper.

The founding fathers knew that pure democracies should not exist and that a winning majority vote could tyrannize those in the minority.  That’s what most of us would call a mob mentality.  You know, exactly what you saw after the election on college campuses or if you have ever watched the Sopranos.

Let’s take a short civics lesson, shall we?  In short, the founders had no intention of creating a pure majority takes all democracy.  Pure democracies DO NOT WORK.  What is that you may ask?  A pure democracy has no ‘checks and balances’.  It’s basically mob rule.  In effect, it’s government-run by the people (mob) rather than by elected representatives.  This is also why we have 3 branches of government.

A week after the election, retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat and vocal Clinton backer, introduced a bill to abolish the Electoral College.  Another liberal loser move.

“This is the only office in the land where you can get more votes and still lose the presidency,” Boxer said in a statement. “The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society, and it needs to change immediately.”

So “our modern society” are run by a bunch of uneducated imbeciles?

Two days later, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel put forth companion legislation in the House of Representatives. (CNN)

Wow, the crap from the Electoral College naysayers doesn’t sink any deeper into the toilet bowel.  This Inferring that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

What most people fail to understand is that the 3 million votes that Hillary Clinton won over trump were primarily from Democratic stronghold such as California and New York.  Remember that mob-mentality described earlier?

Of course the media is partly to blame and doesn’t really care about the electoral college and what it stands for.  They are more interested in the media spin to help substantiate the Hilary cause.

Looks like the media flunked out of the Electoral College of common sense. Just ask Thomas Paine.
Looks like the media flunked out of the Electoral College of common sense. Just ask Thomas Paine.

If you take out the liberal voters (3.4 million) in the Clinton camp of California, Trump would have won the popular election by over a million.  So who is really counting?

If you read the article posted earlier by Anton Lang called the popular vote fallacy of 2016 presidential election, you will see why monopolized state strongholds should not determine an election.

This would effectively say that two states with the largest populations and most liberal, for instance, would count more than 48 remaining states in our union:  California and New York.


In fact most of the 3 million votes that Hillary won over trump came from the state of California.

The popular vote results may have favored Hillary Clinton, because of the results in one state, but the candidate that most of America wanted won the election, and Trump won fairly easily. (Lang)

Another thing that most people forget is that this election was the most populous yet.  Meaning that over 135 million people voted.  So, a mere 2.9 million person win in the election is less than 3 percent of the population who voted.

So, although 2.9 million votes seems a lot, it is certainly not the majority and shouldn’t be the basis for Hilary to win the presidential election.  Come on people, get a grip!

Democratic supporters are screaming the meme that Hillary won the popular vote. In effect, what they are saying is that 9.4% of the voters should carry more weight than 90.6% of the whole Country, even including the liberal State of New York. (Lang)

So the next time you cry and whine that our president should be elected through the popular vote, you will see how truly un-American and tyrannical that notion is.

Here’s a short video on how the electoral college works and why. (Most Hilary supports and pundits against the Electoral College won’t watch this video for the obvious reasons).


2 thoughts on “Why the Electoral College will not be Abolished

  1. You know … you complain and mock those of us who continue to be distressed over the Trump win, which we see as dangerous and foreboding for our country. You call us ‘sore losers’, and perhaps that is a fair assessment, at least from the point of view of those who fail to look at the larger picture and are blind to his narcissism. . However, does it occur to you that your gloating and continual mocking of the majority in this nation is equally objectionable? It is just as important to be a gracious winner as it is a gracious loser,.


    1. If you want to discuss narcissim, look no further than our present leader, Obama. What majority? Did you not read this post? Gracious? Have you gone to twitter lately and seen all the hate spewed by Hilary supporters. Do you not see the continual spin on the news? Jill, I think you live in a bubble of your own design.


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