The Falacy of a Two-State Solution

Chalk up another one to President Obama and Secretary-of-State John Kerry after the U.S. abstained in a crucial vote on Israeli settlements to throw more chaos into the Israeli – Palestinian conflict and weaken our ties with Israel.  I’m sure ISIS is celebrating tonight.

This is in directed response to the US abandoning the middle east in the latest Israeli settlement vote making the settlements “illegal”.  With the U.S. abstaining from the resolution, it passed by a vote of 14-0.  The UN Security Council passed the emotional vote condemning settlements in both the West Bank and East Jerusalem as an obstacle to peace.

The US could have vetoed the vote.  They decided to abstain.  What a way to support our strongest ally in the most back-ass-ward regions of the civilized world.  Obama took the unprecedented leap to intervene in an almost dead resolution straining 50 years of US/Israel diplomacy supporting a Jewish state:

The resolution appeared dead, as Egypt, the resolution’s original sponsor, withdrew it under pressure from the incoming Trump administration. The president-elect took the unusual step of injecting himself into a U.N. controversy before taking office precisely because the Obama foreign-policy team was broadcasting its intent to abstain. Incredibly, however, four nations with precisely zero security interests at stake in the Middle East — New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Senegal — revived the resolution and forced a vote. (National Review)

Stabbing Israel in the back the old-fashioned way.

Stabbing Israel in the back the old-fashioned way.

It’s just another flim-flam in the Obama administration by not supporting Israel.  This of course, comes after the worst nuclear deal ever made with Iran, that Israel was vehemently against.  Netanyahu lobbied aggressively to prevent the Iran nuclear deal because of open hostilities against Israel by Iran.  The Obama administration supported this deal against the wishes of our closest ally in the middle east.

Way to go Obama!  Way to go John Kerry!

Trump has been weighing in.  He recently tweeted:

“We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but…….not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!”

Now, Kerry claims the UN vote was meant to preserve the two-state solution.  Yea, like that is really going to happen.  After years of Palestinian conflict and attacks on Israel, the Palestinians have dug this hole on their own behalf.  Again, there is continual conflict in what Kerry wants and believes and the lack of support from his own administration to Israel’s real conflicts, the Palestinian state.

Sorry, Mr. Kerry, this is another liberal pipe-dream to think that there will ever be a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.  As a unified coalition and being allies, we need to support Israel and take either one side or the other, not try and compromise.  This is exactly the type of ‘please everyone’ mentality the Obama administration wants to leave as a derelict legacy.

Kerry’s latest comment:  “Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic!”.  Wow.  (PJ Media)  Mr. Kerry, I think they will be Jewish first, Democratic second. It has also angered Netanyahu on Wednesday, when he blasted the Secretary of State’s  speech on the Israel-Palestine conflict as “skewed” against the Jewish state.  (The Hill)

Dave Sussman of Whiskey Politics writes:

True to form, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s administration is calling it like they see it. They have suggested President Obama orchestrated the U.N. vote, which was almost dead with Egypt pulling out at the behest of President-Elect Trump. It was only resurrected by other countries with no interest in the region with deliberate behind-the-scenes shenanigans sponsored by Obama. (Whiskey Politics)

This latest attempt at destroying years of Israeli support comes on the heels of the latest election of Donald Trump by a bitter outgoing president.  It’s obvious this may be another ploy and poor attempt to destabilize the new administration taking over.  If anyone thought this was going to be a smooth transition of power, think again.  A typical Obama move.  Again, folks, what you see on the outside is anything but.

The first White House meeting between Trump and Obama was obviously for show. Obama will do everything in his liberal being to make the transition to power anything but smooth.
The first White House meeting between Trump and Obama was obviously for show. Obama will do everything in his liberal-being to make the transition to power anything but smooth.  His latest attempt is now waged against Israel and it’s new settlements.

President-elect Donald Trump is not taking this lightly, recently taking to twitter saying:

“We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect.”

Of course, the UN is not one of Trump’s favorite topics.  He sees the UN as unproductive and has indeed been a way for Obama to lately scurt around congress and the American people.

Trump recently tweeted:

“The United Nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”

Claudia Rosett, UN analyst, recently stated the there are a lot of problems with the UN and how it is organized:

“President Obama took advantage of the UN [in this latest debacle] to do an end-round to congress and the American people after this election and just before leaving office. The UN has for decades been a problem, a well of anti-semetism and basically hostile to democracy.

It’s not only a place where billions of dollars in your tax money goes for people to “have a good time”, it’s a place where billions of your tax dollars go to fund people who actively do damage to Israel and to the interests of the United States.” (Fox News)

Dave Sussman of Whiskey Politics also writes:

Unfortunately there is little a President Trump can do to overturn the vote. It’s estimated the United States sponsors 22% of the United Nations budget as well as house its plush 18-acre complex on the East River in New York. President-Elect Trump has suggested things will change on January 20th in regard to the U.N., but has not provided details. Americans who distrust the U.N. would be delighted to reconsider its U.N. membership and pull funding which would lead to its eventual demise.

Historically, lame duck Presidents don’t attempt to change foreign policy on their way out the door. President Obama seems focused on his legacy, doing what he can to ensure his policies will withstand the oncoming assault by the next administration. However Obama hopes to manipulate people’s perception of his foreign policy, history will record the facts; This President was an antagonist to America’s ally, Israel, which is the only beacon of democracy, innovation and human rights in the world’s most dangerous neighborhood. (Whiskey Politics)

The Simon Wiesenthal Center named the Obama administration’s move as the worst case of anti-Semitism in 2016. (JPost)

This is just another cheap parlor trick involving a lame duck, out-going, out-of-touch president against the incoming administration and the rest of the world.

Stay tuned for my next post . . . the out-going administration will continue to baffle, flim-flam and create more inflammatory and negative discourse for the incoming administration . . . you ain’t seen nothin yet . . .


3 thoughts on “The Falacy of a Two-State Solution

  1. “Israel can be either be Jewish or democratic.” An outrage, an insult! Israel is both Jewish and democratic; why not tell the ocean of Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia, for example, “You can either be Islamic or democratic,” and conduct our foreign policy honorable in consequence of their decision. From the beginning, Muslims in Palestinian-occupied Israel have been given the political rights granted Jews. In fact, they were are given democratic rights greatly exceeding those of any Islamic nation.
    Secretary Kerry, you are following orders from those who are administering a policy that, in reality, shows no concern for democracy.

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  2. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    A wealthy, democratic nation was created out of desolation in a desert in spite of events such as the Hebron massacre, conducted almost twenty years before the birth of modern Israel. That massacre was carried out by Muslims who were allowed ownership of firearms against those rebuilding a many centuries neglected land yet were disarmed, defenceless, Jews. All under a British “Protectorate.” So it is with the United Nations.


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