Blogs and the Looney Liberal-Left Losers

Hard truth be told, your blog stinks.  I’m calling all of you out!

I’ve encountered a variety of blogs over the years:  Music blogs, picture blogs, poetry blogs.  The post-it blog, the food blog, the travel blog.  The list goes on.  I would call these ‘diary’ blogs.

Then you have the really smart blogs.  The well written blogs.  They captivate you.  They write on subjects dotted with smart points.  They have structure and meaning.  Not to toot my own horn, but I have written, created and contributed to a number of successful blogs.  I understand what it takes to be successful.  I’ve been paid to write for blogs.

What makes for a great blog?  I’m sure to repeat myself, but great blogs have great content.  Excellent writing style.  The writing is to the point in the shortest amount of words. They don’t ramble. It grabs your attention and leaves you thinking:  That was witty or smart.

It keeps you coming back for more.  The headings are smart.  They may have photos or pictures (drawings, etc.) to enhance subject content.  Using captions to add information and drive a point home.

After this election, a number of blogs have weighed in either going hard right or hard left.  I’m now calling out some of these poorly written blogs from those Obama-loving, Hilary-supporting, Trump-hating looney liberal-left losers.

Probably the most annoying thing that spawned from this election is the liberal blogger.  Some seem to think they are experts on current affairs.  All knowing.  They all have a few things in common:  They hate Trump, love Hilary and Obama and support such back- assery as the black lives matters movement and gay marriage.

Recently I came across  a few such blogs: Filosofa’s Word , Dr. Rex and Gronda Morgan.  These are three bookend rags of liberal strife.  I’m sure there are hundreds more . . . Never has there been so much written and so little to say and read by so few.

A pathetic look at the liberal, global-warming, tree-hugging, Pipeline-hating losers and not-so-news-worthy trite.   I must admit, out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the other side thought about how the election figured into the liberal-left equation.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.  Nothing but re-posts, twitter feeds and photo laced memes with all of the above.   There are attempts at writing real posts, but they are so misinformed and peppered with inconsistencies, it’s basically unreadable.  I have a message for you would-be liberal lunatics who want to delve into the toilet bowel of blogging;  First, get your facts straight and don’t quit your day job.

Gronda is one of the most liberal lackeys to come across.  Pretending to be clever with skewed wisdom and advice.  And Dr. Rex, the lesbian-Obama-loving, Hilary-supporting Anti-Trumper who posts photos and ‘shared’ pictures at random.  All share a common thread in their liberal dress; a “it is what it is” and “whatever” mentality.  Two of the most commonly hated sayings of 2016, by the way. Their blogs share something else in common: They are chalked with inconsistent ‘factoids’ and just plain bullshit ad nauseam.

Jill is the dopey architect behind Filosofa’s Word (and who names a blog after a word rooted in Spanish philosophy?)  Philosopher – NOT.  It’s one of the most far left-liberal, political rags ever to have the misfortune to grace the net.  It pumps out more posts in a week than Donald tweets.  Entries are stamped with a liberal spin.  Trump appears to get inserted as a liberal afterthought on every topic of late.

I think most liberal bloggers have way too much time on their hands.  Most of their day is likely occupied by the useless material they present.  Spending hours writing garbage that no one really cares or has any interest to read.  It’s long, arduous and boring.  So much misinterpretation and misrepresentation of fact.

The liberal mind is a terrible thing to waste.  And wasted it is.   Liberal bloggers have their own circle of liberal lackeys.  The have just a few followers which should tell them something.   The sad thing is, most of these liberal bloggers are engrossed in their own self-importance.  My few examples don’t even scratch the surface.  Ranker has even listed the number of liberal blogs in order of traffic.  Sorry, girls, your liberal rags didn’t make the list.

Unfortunately, many of the liberal bloggers that I came across are written by little old men and ladies who are probably retired and have nothing better to do with their time.

Here’s an idea:  Get off your fat ass and go out and walk the dog or take a stroll.  It will be more productive and do you  . . . and us . . .  some good .





9 thoughts on “Blogs and the Looney Liberal-Left Losers

  1. Phew, I thought for a minute that my blog…nah, you wouldn’t. But, then again… (I loved this one. Now, you, you’re a writer. Me, I’m a guy with a keyboard and some yarns. Keep up the good work.)

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  2. I am thankful that I have been somewhat spared of the increasingly common ravages of fluoride, lithium, vaccine toxins, and other present day Dr. Mengele for the Mind concoctions supplemented with a feed of mis- and dis-information through our “educational,” media “news,” and popular culture conveyors.

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  3. Hey, Bill … thanks for the mention here! I will likely re-blog this in the morning! I am honoured! Perhaps people will visit my blog and see for themselves what it’s really about. 😀


  4. Have you also heard Obummer has staff who delete negative comments of their loser boss from electronic media? I forget if it was his own website or Twitter but you get the idea… not that its unfactual or that I’m a Looney Tunes Left-er. 🙂

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  5. Ouch~!
    But in your all-encompassing analysis you missed me: sarcastic. (When all else fails, hold ’em up to the light and hope for an intelligent reader—the rest take you too seriously, bloody annoying.)

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