Generation Snowflake

Well, they are up to it again.  Generation snowflake.  Making a splash on Fox news before they melt back into obscurity.  Apparently too privileged to allow the new press secretary Sean Spicer to speak at THEIR University.

Spicer came to speak at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics (IOP)  on January 4th at the request of former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod.  You will recall Mr. Axelrod recently released Obama’s exit interview saying that he could have beat Trump if given the chance to run a third time.  (Our Arrogant President)

The University and its Snowflakes do not want Spicer speaking for fear of “normalizing the incoming administration.” University snowflakes are threatening to ‘shut down’ the event entirely.

Snowflakes have been sited all over the nation after the election. Unfortunately, they didn’t melt after hitting the ground.  They are now threatening to boycott and ‘shut down’ Sean Spicers visit to the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics on January 4th, 2017.

As you may or may not know, Snowflakes are primarily students who were overly protected as children and won everything.   They got shiny little trophies for everything.  They never lost.  Anything.

They were sheltered.  They never kicked a can down the tracks or went outside just to play with a stick or dig a hole in the ground.  They didn’t go out and ‘get dirty’.

Helicopter parents tip-toed around their little tantrums.  They went to special schools.  Hell, some were even home-schooled by their liberal, over-stimulated, indulgent parents.  Most were little carbon imprints of their self-righteous, insular kin.  They have a skewed world view.

Colleges and Universities are partly to blame.  Caving-in to student ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.  It doesn’t help that todays professors where yesterdays campus radicals.

Snowflakes exhibit the following traits:

    1. They are overly vocal with opinionations and emotionally weak.
    2. They are more likely to report a mental problem in their duress than previous generations.
    3.  They have a strong sense of entitlement and attend the most expensive Colleges and Universities.
    4.  They are intolerant to differing opinions that don’t match their own utopian views.
    5.   They are colorblind.
    6.   They are gender-neutral.
    7.   They shutter at every insensitive comment and consider them ‘microaggressions’.

What the fuck is happening to our college and university campuses?  This progressive pandering started way before the election and culminated just after.

At the University of California, professors were warned to not use common phrases like “America is the land of opportunity” or “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” because even these cliches could be considered microaggressions.

At Columbia University, students requested a trigger warning to accompany Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” because it contained a passage alluding to the rape of the Greek goddess Persephone. (The Washington Examiner)

And this is not the first time we have seen Universities get into a tissy about who will speak or lecture.

Former House Speaker John Boehner, Sen. Jeff Sessions, former Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro and current Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos all received varying degrees of backlash for being invited to speak.  Even violence actually broke out during two of the latter speakers under protest. (The Washington Examiner)

After the election, these delicate flakes needed safe zones, therapy dogs to coddle and play-doh to pound in frustration.  Children’s coloring books and crayons were dispensed during therapy sessions.  Dozens organized ‘cry-ins’.   Many were “scared”, “sad” and “shocked” that Hitlery didn’t win.  They were in pain.  They cancelled classes.  They underwent grief counseling.  A sort of twisted post-election depression swept across campuses all over the country.

At the University of Massachusetts Boston, students were invited to a “Coping and Balance” workshop to play with “Doggo, the therapy dog.”  East Carolina University and NC State University also brought in car-loads of puppies.

These cases seem to embody a problem identified last year by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt in an Atlantic story titled “The Coddling of the American Mind (The Atlantic).” The authors argued that campus culture “presumes an extraordinary fragility of the collegiate psyche, and therefore elevates the goal of protecting students from psychological harm.” (The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)

Our troubled snowflakes. Good luck on finding that dream job at graduation.
Our troubled snowflakes on the UT Austin campus.  Trump protests and ‘not my president’ rallies were held on college campuses across the nation.  Nice to know where all those tuition dollars are going.  Good luck on finding that dream job at graduation.

So what does the face of a snowflake look like?

Meet smug, fourth grader Jake Bittle. He is calling for liberal anarchy, chaos and downright hooliganism at his University in an effort to boycott Sean Spicer's visit.
Meet the smug face of the modern-day Snowflake.  This is fourth-grader Jake Bittle from the University of Chicago. He is calling for liberal anarchy, chaos and downright hooliganism at his University in an effort to boycott Sean Spicer’s visit.  I’m sure Jake’s job offers after graduation will come flooding in.

Well, meet smug, fourth grader and senior Jake Bittle. Now we can hear and see first-hand where all those tuition dollars are being so wisely spent on our future generation. Oh, and did I mention Jake is editor to the University paper? I thought newspaper editors where supposed to be somewhat objective and neutral. I guess I was wrong.

He decided to write a little silly self-proclaimed, snowflake manifesto on actions to be taken when Sean Spicer is scheduled to speak at HIS University.

Jake took to Farcebook (FB), the snowflake’s primary expression media, to announce he wanted to ‘projectile vomit’ on Spicer if he were to come and speak.

In an IOP announcement on FB he wrote:  ““planning to start projectile vomiting five minutes into the discussion” and “I don’t see how we, as a community, can afford not to disrupt this event. I’m personally planning to start projectile vomiting five minutes into the discussion. Who’s with me?” He later changed the text to a Michelle Obama quote: “When they go low, we go high.”

Another fourth-year senior, Terry Hines Jr., commented that he was thinking about “beating an IOP student intern senseless” in protest. (Chicago Maroon)

So Bittle now gets his 8 minutes of fame on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.  Bittle had a chance to set the record straight:

“It was a joke, but I’m glad I made it, so I can now explain it to you.  I the student and my peers should be allowed to respond to his presence on my campus in ways that just aren’t civil, or decorace [decorative] and don’t just involve standing up after the event and just asking him [Spicer] a question.  I never said that he should be dis-invited or not be allowed to talk.”

News flash Jake:  This is what people do at lectures.  You sit your ass down and listen.  And if you have a question, you ask it at the end.  No projectile vomiting or beating-up your fellow students is involved.

In his own defense, Jake goes on to describe an example why a simple question at the end of his lecture would just not be enough.  Jake seems to think that Mr. Spicer is hired and paid for his opinions and policies and couldn’t really be questioned.   Jake and his cohorts also seem to think of the Mr. Spicer and the new administration as fascists.

“If I were to stand up and ask,  Sean have you ever considered that you might be a fascisit?”   He goes on to say a simple 20 second answer would not be enough and wouldn’t have an as lasting effect, or die.  He is just a spin doctor”.

Jake also seems to think he is now on a first name basis with Mr. Spicer- so snowflakish.

Jake, in his liberal, snowflake way, seems to think dialogue is now dead and he and his fellow students should resort to outlandish acts to get their message across.  He writes in the Chicago Maroon:

Now, we are faced with a real crisis with the election, this being the election of Trump. Deliberation of analysis and “hearing out both sides” is no longer viable.  We must take real action and dispense with all this sophistry, all these abstract notions of civility,  the Ivy League translation of the vulgar “give Trump a chance.”  By “real action”, I mean donating money to the ACLU, to Standing Rock, and Planned Parenthood; call your representatives, and protesting incessantly , flipping cars when trump walks away from the Paris Climate Agreement, attacking racists, attacking people in the supermarket, whatever it takes.  (Shut Down the Institution of Politics by Jake Bittle-)

Jake gives a little sly-smirk after he is questioned by Tucker when getting a compliment that Tucker has read “a lot of your stuff going back to high school, you’ve written a lot and you’re pretty articulate”.  Sure, Tucker, maybe Jake will get a position at the Washington Post when he graduates?

See, this is the problem with our liberal snowflakes today.  They talk of ‘mobilizing’ their troops, ‘attacking people in the supermarket’ and instigating a form of twisted Liberal American Jihadism.

Jake and his fellow snowflakes are all delusional.  Rioting in a mob mentality to get your way is not the answer.  Where have I seen this before?  Was it right after the election when people where setting newspaper bins on fire, trashing property and burning flags?

This is exactly how the snowflake-mind thinks.  They react viscerally without really digesting the consequences.  They need a reset, return-to-go or take a chill-pill.  They have this obvious holier-than-thou attitude of self-righteous pretense.  They want to hysterically be compared to the bone-shakers of yesterday, those civil rights leaders who actually wanted real change, and got it done.

In their misguided way they want to be something bigger than what they really are, but have no idea what it is?  And they want everyone included.  They are the generation Y (Why can’t I??)  who want everything and don’t know how to go about getting it done.

The liberal snowflake world has obviously been turned upside-down, inside-out and slap-ass-backwards after this election.

I can see that Jake’s future is bright.  I’m sure the job offers will just come flooding in after graduation.

Here is a thing Jake (and this includes all of you snowflakes):

When you start writing idiotic little school newspaper articles and call on your fellow students to join you in some type of twisted, liberal American Jihad, no one is really going to take you seriously.  Really.  So, shut your pie-hole, stop your whining, put down your protest sign and crayons and get your ass back to class and learn something.  Your insolence will get you nowhere.

See entire interview here.


5 thoughts on “Generation Snowflake

  1. Jake Bittle is an idiot. I saw him on a TV interview – very stupid. Couldn’t answer a single question. He’s playing a game to create $. That’s all. Begging from victims he promotes. Sleazy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Couldn’t they just set aside an enclosure, call it USPOC (the ‘Ultimate Safe Place On Campus’) and herd ’em all into it? All the puppies their fees can pay for, free candy and diapers, even a football field of their own to ‘demonstrate’ in?

    Anyone ‘snowing’ outside the USPOC to be rounded up and very gently shoved back in … but here’s where it gets even better: their college degree is guaranteed.
    Once they’ve served their term they get the freebie degree, just like a real one but nicely reworded a bit so as never to be confused with the real thing (except by other Snowies, who wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway). Win/win, no?

    And let the rest get on with simply being educated?

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