The Twisted Message of the Women’s March

Once again, feminism shows its ugly side.  The Women’s March on DC and around the world has turned into nothing more than another anti-Trump rally.  A day after the inauguration an estimated 200,000 women will march on Washington DC’s National Mall.  This is not only a national event, but an estimated 600 other marches will occur in major cities around the world. (NPR)

And the ugly of feminism will be represented as a sea of pink.  A sea of pink knitted hats that is.  This project, so-called THE PUSSYHAT PROJECT is an effort to represent women as ‘the more seen, the more heard’.  Like being a woman is not enough.  Their mission is power in numbers, power of pink, power of the handmade and of course, the power of the pussy.

“. . . pussy is a derogatory word for female genitalia. . . we want to reclaim the term as a means of empowerment.  In this day and age, if we have pussies, we are assigned the gender of “woman”.  Women, whether transgender or cisgender, are mistreated in this society.  In order to get fair treatment, the answer is not to take away our pussies . . . “

No , I didn’t make this up.  It comes right off their website.  You see, for most hard-line feminists, it’s really all about what is between the legs rather than what is between the ears.  And to brag about grabbing one is worse than any sexist remark.  Now the word “nasty” and  phrases such as “all ovaries matter” are the battle cry in the women’s march against president Trump.


The march started as an idea on Facebook about 10 weeks ago as a protest.  Some have suggested it was to celebrate the election of the first female president, but that was not meant to be.  The protest modus operandi is now focused on not-my-president and anti-Trump rhetoric.  In other words, more hate and disgust by those extreme liberals who just can’t step away from their disdain of Donald Trump.  Organizers will have you believe it is not all about Trump and to remind the country about women’s rights.  They demand women’s issues such as paid family leave, pay equality, affordable access to abortions, birth control and a slew of other complaints.  Somehow, these feminists confuse pro-life with pro-choice.

The Atlantic reported that a group of pro-life women were involved in the march, and within several hours they were excluded from the march’s list of partners.  This was despite shallow assurances from protest organizers that they wanted to include all women.  It certainly appears many modern-day so-called feminists including millennials are confused and unsure about the message of true feminism.

In this women’s march, you will not find one conservative in the bunch.  These liberal marchers are nothing more than sore Hillary losers, LGBT loonies, black lives matter morons and crusty ole women libbers.  This is not about true feminism but rather about a ‘scared’ and ‘concerned’ group of individuals who have nothing better to do than congregate as a group and bitch at how bad they have it, how Trump has truly shattered the dreams of THEIR first women president.

True feminism has changed since its first inception as a platform to define and establish political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.  It has been twisted into an un-patriotic diatribe of political and social nonsense.

It seems the divide from the far left have given new meaning to the women’s march.  Now marchers are lacing “FAKE NEWS” and “NYC AGAINST TRUMP” signs in with the “TRUTH MATTERS” and “I AM STRONGER THAN FEAR” signs.  Again, rants about fear, truth, diversity, immigration and “nasty” issues have taken the place of any true message that include social equalities for women.

The Women's March is not really about women's rights. I has rather turned into an anti-Trump rally just 1 day after the inauguration of President Trump.
The Women’s March is not really about women’s rights. It has morphed into an anti-Trump rally just 1 day after the inauguration of our newly elected president.

An organized protest is usually defined as an expression of bearing witness on behalf of an expressed cause by words or actions with regard to particular events, policies or situations. When you consider about 42 percent of women of which 62 percent are non-college educated white women who actually voted for Trump, the protesters are certainly in their own minority. As it turns out, the women’s march is nothing more than a hodgepodge of complaints, bickering and hysteria to a pointless protest morphed into an anti-Trump rally to our newly elected president.  And in their effort to smash that glass ceiling, in the end, it will only diminish the voice of women and their plight to equality.


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