Why Trump Won

Surviving copies of Newsweek's Madam President are selling for $10,000. Because it was widely assumed that Clinton would win the election, Newsweek printed about 125,000 issues before Election Day with the words “Madam President” on the cover. But somehow, even after the election was called for Trump, more Clinton issues were leaked.
Surviving copies of Newsweek’s Madam President are selling for $10,000. Because it was widely assumed that Clinton would win the election, Newsweek printed about 125,000 issues before Election Day with the words “Madam President” on the cover.

Do you want to know why Trump won the election and became our 45th President of the United States?  Much of the answer lies in what I would call liberal left extremism.

This is an attitude of self-righteousness by liberals and the media.  You want everyone to think and act like you and somehow if you don’t,  you are certainly NOT one of them.  You dictate how we should think. Who we should vote for.  What we should say.  You are embroiled in semantics.  For instance, we should not call illegal immigrants living in this country “illegals” but rather “undocumented”.  It sounds and feels better.

You speak of tolerance, yet you are intolerant of others?  You divide.  You hate.  And if we disagree or don’t think like you, our voices would and should not be heard.  Trump campaigned on those voices that were silenced through the media and the politically correct.  No one could have shaken up the establishment more than Donald Trump.  He has been dealing with naysayers and the political left his entire life.

Much of the blame for this extremism can be attributed to Hillary Clinton directly.  Encircling herself with her own minions and plan to divide, she ran a divisive and nasty campaign promoting violence and trying to pin the most extreme right candidates against each other hoping to turn off  mainstream conservatives.    Wikileaks released a document among the DNC captured emails that outlined a ‘pied piper’ strategy that dramatically backfired.   But the liberal losers don’t want you to know about those details of her campaign.  She was their chosen messiah as the first “Madam President”.

“What is very clear putting all the emails together, the rise of Donald Trump was orchestrated by Hillary herself conspiring with mainstream media, and then they sought to burn him to the ground. Their strategy backfired and now this is why she has not come out to to speak against the violence she has manipulated and inspired.” (Armstrongeconomics)

DNC email leaked by Wikileaks. This document proves the democratic strategy called the 'pied piper' strategy enlisting main stream media to help propel Hillary to the White House.
DNC email leaked by Wikileaks. This document proves the democratic strategy called the ‘pied piper’ strategy enlisted main stream media to help propel Hillary to the White House.

So Trump won the election.   The silent majority has spoken.  Madonna, a staunch Hillary-liberal summed it up her own way:

“It had to happen. I do believe that Trump was elected for a reason; to show us how lazy and un-unified and lackadaisical we’ve become about our freedom. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. I feel like it had to happen to bring people together. Let’s get the party started!” (US Weekly)

Of course, this comes days before she would tell everyone on the Washington DC mall during the Women’s March that she had visions of burning down the White House.  The Women’s March somehow morphed into the quintessential anti-Trump rally.  But she does point out correctly, I might add, that the reason we have gotten so lackadaisical is due to Obama’s attitude as president in the past few years. He lost touch with the American struggle.  It was not only about black lives and the racial struggle or gender inequality, but about the everyday struggles of the American worker.  The struggles that exceeds gender and racial lines.   It was about the lack of jobs, the  job-killing policies and run-away healthcare costs of Obamacare to name a few.  Many people, even myself included, didn’t cry foul when Obama was reelected for a second term.  We stayed optimistic.  After Trump was elected, there was no optimism expressed by the majority of the liberal losers.  They cried, pouted, burned flags, rioted and continue to deny Mr. Trump as president even before and a day after he stepped into office.  They will be the dividers and will not come together and move forward.  Even in their loss,  Obama and Hillary both admitted and recognized that the world will go on and we will move forward.

A lot can be said about our society.  Even the liberal lackey Michael Moore admitted there were 5 reasons why Trump would win the election.  Never mind most of those ideas were based on the loss of jobs through the rust belt, gender bias and Hillary undermining Bernie’s own socialist bid for the White House.   So, you didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that Trump was destined to win.

In particular, most conservatives are just disgusted at the divide imposed by the liberal media and liberal voters.  So really, Trump happened because of you, yes you, the liberal media, the liberal agenda and other one-sided ideas where you left out most of the hard-working people oppressed by liberal extremism.

I have trouble watching Modern Family, oppose gay-marriage and homosexuality.  That does not make me a homophobe.  I just don’t agree with homosexuality and it makes me uncomfortable.  In fact, some of my best friends are homosexuals, but I will never disown them or ban them from Facebook.  We agree to disagree.  Much of Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail was to tap into the frustrations of why we were failing as a nation.  He tapped into our lack of tighter immigration laws, not racism.  He tapped into our lost job market and unfair trade policies, not xenophobia.   Just because he denounced some women and lifted up others does not make him sexist.  Most of America is tired of the dumb-downing by the liberal loonies of how we actually think and feel.

Just because you don’t agree with someone, doesn’t mean that you can’t get along with them and move forward.  Most conservatives are ready to move forward.  Unless they abandon their ship of discontent, the liberal losers will continue to divide and hate.

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4 thoughts on “Why Trump Won

  1. Sometimes the truth is so obvious that you can’t see it. You hit the nail on the head and made good use of the cartoon, too. By the way, we rescued a new dog. She’s 3-4 year old mutt who’s as loving as can be. Sometime, I’ll write about Miss Daisy.

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  2. Many of us are tired of being lectured by the all-knowing Left. Hell, I had earned my master’s degree before many of these liberals were born. Those of us who live out in the real world know better than the liberals.


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