Immigration, Terrorism and Economics Explained . . . Why you should support our President

A Seattle federal judge, Judge James Robart placed a temporary restraining order on Trump’s recent executive order on immigrtation.  The libtards are at it again.  Out in full force today protesting immigration.  Thousands continue to protest against the immigration order.  Signs with “Congress, time to Impeach this so-called President”.    “Shame on you” and “Immigrants are welcome here”, etc. etc.  The recent move has immigrants rushing to airports with valid Visas.  This includes all 7 countries named in the executive order.  It has allowed people stuck in other countries a window to travel.

Chuckles the Clown Schumer was at a New York rally today chanting “Dump Trump, Dump Trump.”  This coming from a Senator who was voted into office to uphold and support the office of the President.  Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont, another Democratic, liberal lackey, said, “The President’s hostility toward the rule of law is not just embarrassing, it is dangerous.  He seems intent on precipitating a constitutional crisis.”

Trump tweeted:  “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

So, how is that immigration thing working out for your country?  The world is forever getting more crowded.  Not to mention how poor many countries have become trying to care for their indigent populations.  And now these countries are looking for richer countries to take them in.  Look at what is happening all over the world when it comes to immigration.  Many of these countries such as Tunisia and Syria have had mass exodus due to war and civil unrest aside from economic reasons.  But much can be said about the link of economic and social unrest and it’s link to civil war.  With that said, the lack of border control in many surrounding EU nations have led to a rise of immigration throughout Europe.  The integral relationship of immigration, terrorism and economics is interlinked in both Europe and the U.S..  So, how is the vetting process working out in Europe?  Not so good.

Essentially in 2015, 211 terrorist attacks were carried out in the EU member states. 151 people died and over 360 were injured as a result of terror attacks in the EU.  Six EU Member States faced 211 failed, foiled and completed terror attacks. 1 077 individuals were arrested in the EU for terrorism-related offences, of which 424 were in France alone.  94% of the individuals who went on trial for jihadist terrorism were found guilty and prosecuted. (Europol)  In 2016, it’s even worse and global terrorism has marred the year with almost a terror attack on a DAILY basis.  (USA Today)

Before 1970, global terror attacks were almost unnoticed.  There has been a steady rise of terror attacks since then.  In 1970, there was roughly 171 fatalities and 192 injuries due to global terrorism.  Compare this to 2016, where there were 38,533 fatalities and 43,854 injuries due to global terrorism.  (Graphiq)

The dramatic rise in global terrorism can be directly related to the present immigrant crisis.
The dramatic rise in global terrorism can be directly related to the present immigrant crisis. (Graphiq)

To put this into perspective, let’s see how this relates to immigration rates.   In the United States, from 1770 to 1970, our population growth in the United States was averaging somewhere around 250,000 immigrants per year.  In the late 1960’s, immigration policies changed and now there is an estimated 2 million people entering this country every year.  And that doesn’t include illegal immigrants.  The estimated number of illegal immigrants working in the United States is about 8 million.  In 2014, it was estimated at 11 million.  The number of Americans looking for full time work is about 22 million.  It is obvious that the economic impact on infrastructure and the nations resources including health services, among others, would have a dramatic impact.

The problem is our immigration policies, not the immigrants themselves.  In 1790, we had about 4 million people counted by the census bureau.  By 1970, we had roughly about 200 million people in the United States.  In the 1970’s, the Earth Day vision projected a steady growth by baby boomers to reach about 260 million by 2050.  This is growth by population births and deaths only.  With the uncontrolled increase in immigration growth, we already reached 311 million in population by 2010.  That’s already over 100 million in population projected by Earth Day’s vision.  In the 1970’s, congress increased immigrant population to 425,000 per year and in 1980’s to 635,000 a year.  So in 1990, we have averaged about 1 million immigrants per year entering this country.  This is 4 times higher than the average immigration growth that we have averaged over the past 250 years.  And this doesn’t include illegal immigration.  By 2050, the population growth including immigration will likely reach over 460 million and 625 million by the end of this century.   A replacement level immigration policy would stop this rapid growth of unstainability.  This means we should only allow the same number of immigrants into our country that exit our country.  And they should be aggressively vetted.  (NumbersUSA)  Dan Stein, head of FAIR, has already projected that with our present immigration laws, the U.S. population will reach over 1 BILLION by the turn of the century (2100).

In 1996, President Bill Clinton’s National Commission of Sustainability urged big reductions in immigration.  This he echoed in his 1995 State of the Union Address that received a standing ovation.  (See this post)

The immigration impact on population growth is expected to explode to 442 million by 2050.
The immigration impact on population growth is expected to explode to 442 million by 2050.

Let’s look at another part of the world.  How is immigration working in Germany?  Right now, they are allowing over half a million immigrants into their little country every year. To give you an idea how idiotic this is, Texas is roughly twice the size of Germany. The largest ethnic immigrant group in Germany are the Turks.  They are almost all Muslim.   At it’s present rate of immigration, Germany will be a Muslim state by 2050.

A 2016 German study on integration and religion produced by the University of Münster exposed the popularity of deeply controversial socio-political attitudes held among some ethnic Turks living in Germany.

Out of 1,201 ethnic Turks interviewed in the study, 47 percent agreed that following the core tenets of Islam was more important to them than abiding by the laws of Germany. This view was shared by 36 percent of second and third generation respondents. Referring to attitudes clearly out-of-kilter with modern Germany, nearly a third of ethnic Turkish respondents (32 percent) supported the statement that Muslims should strive to return to a societal order like that in the time of the Prophet Muhammad. (Newsweek)

Since Germany is the largest immigrant nation in Europe, we can see a simple preview to you nay-sayers and essentially predict an imminent attack on the U.S. if we continue our open-border policies.  More importantly, it would affect the economics of our nation and lead to a strain on an already over-burdened system.   But many of you bleeding heart liberals don’t really care about that, do you?  It’s all about helping the most unfortunate and keeping in those illegals that are sucking off our resources.

When it comes to terrorism, in one example, the open- border immigration policy in Germany and lack of extreme vetting led directly to the Berlin market attack during the Christmas Holidays were 12 innocent people attending a market were run down by an ISIS operative.  Anis Amri, the attacker who was later killed in Italy, easily traveled across European borders after mowing down 12 people.  Before that, he easily entered Europe as a migrant from Tunisia through Turkey and Greece as an asylum seeker, which was ultimately revoked.  However, the German authorities couldn’t keep track of him.  It is now known that dozens of terrorism suspected have slipped into Germany and neighboring countries posing as migrants while escaping war-torn countries.  And Europe has no idea what these migrant terrorists are planning next.  Many of these terrorists are rooted in Islamic extremism and wild ideas to turn back the clock and live in a more fundamental, societal order.  There is no doubt that they view the western world and the United States as their enemy to this social order.  While living in Germany awaiting deportation, Amri was engaging with extreme Salafist circles within Germany.  (Washington Post)

Many groups in Europe are now demanding change and stronger vetting measures in the EU.  Even groups like FAIR, here in the U.S. believe such a crackdown on immigration flows has long been needed for America’s national and economic security.  Stricter vetting measures are necessary even for people coming from closely allied countries included in the Visa Waiver Program, they say, due to the fact that more than a million refugees have migrated to Europe, specifically Germany.

“If you are going to keep Schengen (Visa)  in place and keep the E.U. functioning,” said Dan Stein (Head of FAIR), referring to the area of Europe with passport-free travel, “there is going to have to be a far more elaborate vetting process over the chaos that Merkel has been leading the last several years.” (Politico-TheAgenda)

So how well has our vetting process worked?  Well, many will tell you the latest executive order to allow 120 days to assess the situation was too aggressive and not necessary.  Some argue that our present vetting process is solid.  That it will ‘discriminate’ against the Muslim community.  That it will dry up tourism from other countries.  As early as 2015, however, FBI Director James Comey worried of what Comey called “gaps” in the vetting process.  Experts say U.S. intelligence, especially in Syria isn’t very good, because the U.S. lacks much of a presence on the ground. So there’s no way to compile a thorough watch list of possible terrorists from Syria against which refugees can be checked. (NPR)

Poltifact reports that the entire vetting process already in place averages about 18 months for most applicants and about 2 years for Syrian applicants.   However, that doesn’t include tourists, students and business people.  What about all the people on foreign work visas?  It is estimated that over 10 million people enter this country every year on tourist, work and student Visas.  This new vetting executive order by President Trump will include these groups for a more comprehensive vetting process.  His latest executive order will also restructure the work-visa program, which is unfairly taking jobs away from our native work force not to mention violations in wage equality.

Presently, in the U.S., many bleeding heart liberals and sympathizers to immigration have turned President Trump’s executive order into their own manifesto.  It was announced in another executive order concerning sanctuary cities, that funding will likely be blocked to cities who don’t comply with the law.  FIRM, a liberal immigration organization called the Fair Immigration Reform Movement are upset at Trump that federal funding to the hundreds of cities and counties who are identified as sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants could possibly stop.  They are also calling his order unconstitutional.  President Trump signed an executive order on January 25th cracking down on sanctuary cities.  Those are cities that do not cooperate with federal law enforcement on immigration.  (CBS)

FIRM recently posted that Trump has “declared war on immigrant families targeting sanctuary cities and ramping up of deportations.”  Sanctuary cities use local ordinances and policies to shelter illegal immigrants from law enforcement.  Jerry Brown, the present governor of California since 2011,  is another example of a libtard misunderstanding of immigration and terrorism.  He can’t see past his own economic vision that has so benefited his state from illegal immigration.    His state of California is basically a sanctuary state.  The state directly benefits from the cheap and illegal labor practices that are sheltered and protected by the laws set forth in their 18 sanctuary  cities.  Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles has warned law enforcement not to uphold its illegal immigration laws after Trumps executive order.    The ACLU of Southern California recently released a statement saying,

” Together, we must ensure that the people’s definition of sanctuary—a place where every person, regardless of race, immigration status, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation, feels safe from government discrimination, violence and violations of our constitutional rights.” (ACLU)

So, as long as we have people who consider Trump’s executive orders and laws in disregard, the people of this country who want to protect our borders and slow immigration will have a battle within.  I ask you this, do you want to really go the way of Europe and inherit the same type of problems they now have in France and Germany?  Immigration in those countries were open and welcoming mainly due to economic reasons and to increasing the workforce in those respective countries.  Much can be attributed to conditions after WWII when Germany and France needed foreign workers to rebuild their countries.  This was 1945 folks.  It both helped them economically and also restocked the population.   In the 1960’s, France and Germany continued to regard foreign labor as a way to overcome labor shortages and improve economic expansion.  After the oil crisis in 1973, the foreign governments of France and Germany wanted to stop foreign work immigration and return these people to their respective countries.

“France and Germany progressively lost control of the migratory process.  In France, the preferred immigration of southern European Catholics gave way to a gradual flow of immigrants from North Africa.  In Germany, ever larger numbers of foreign workers and their families chose to settle.   In both countries, foreign labor became a structural component of labor supply, taking over certain categories of low-paying, low-skill jobs in manufacturing, construction and the service sector.  The gap between policy outputs and  outcomes was growing, and public opinion was increasingly hostile to continued immigration.”   (Immigration Policy in France and Germany:  Outputs vs Outcomes– James F. Hollifield)

This was written about 30 years ago in 1986 by James F. Hollifield in his now famous interpretation of the immigration policies of France and Germany.  Now, we see the same thing happening in many countries across Europe;  too many people due to uncontrolled immigration/migration and not enough jobs leading to mass welfare and a drag on the countries infrastructure.

And the libtards in the United States want the same thing that is now happening to France and Germany.

Some of these same arguments can be said for areas of mass immigration of Mexicans into California, Arizona and Texas.  It is very similar to what is happening in Europe, although Europe’s immigrants are embroiled in religious and social conflicts by their predominately Muslim invaders.  The illegal immigrants in the U.S.  are now performing many low paying and unskilled jobs while benefiting many contractors in the construction business, manufacturing and our service sectors who are accustomed to paying for cheap labor.   Many contractors will risk hiring illegal workers to cut costs.  There is already a legal Work-Visa program in place that allows many companies in the U.S. to hire foreign workers on the ‘cheap’.  Many companies will argue that there is a shortage of workers to fill many of the low-skilled labor, but in reality most companies hire temporary employees through the Work-Visa program to cut costs.

This will also likely soon come to an end.  Trump recently announced a restructuring of the Work-Visa program.  Currently, most of Trump’s immigration executive orders are geared toward one thing echoed in his campaign promise:  To put America First.   Criticism of foreign visas and the Work-Visa program is not new.  Particularly the H-1B visa tailored to the engineers and computer scientists who remain in high demand in Silicon Valley.   Forbes reported:

“Stories of mistreatment and wage violations by labor brokers running so-called “body shops” are rampant in the tech sector, a prize target for abuse given the increasing demand and historically high wages. Millions of dollars each year are withheld from workers trying to secure employment with tech companies, the Center for Investigative Reporting found in a detailed 2014 report.  Earlier this month, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat who represents Silicon Valley, proposed legislation to curb such abuse by encouraging higher pay and setting aside 20 percent of H-1B visas for startups with fewer than 50 employees, among other things. “It lets the market forces work,” Lofgren said of the bill, adding that it would prevent the program from “undercutting the wages of American workers.” (Forbes)

So who better to understand the workings of business?   You see, this is what the people who voted for Trump have been saying all along.  He has first hand experience with hiring and the impact of immigration and foreign visa workers.  Has anyone considered that the specter of terrorism may only be the undercurrent of immigration reform that will likely help to not only make our country more safe, but to improve our economics by providing more jobs to the American people?  

It’s unfortunate that the libtards of America, the Hilary losers and the corrupt media just continue to protest and spread fake news while they deny the will of the voters who supported President Trump.

President Trump sums this up rather nicely:

“Our country’s immigration policies should be designed and implemented to serve, first and foremost, the U.S. national interest. Visa programs for foreign workers … should be administered in a manner that protects the civil rights of American workers and current lawful residents, and that prioritizes the protection of American workers — our forgotten working people — and the jobs they hold.”


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