World Poverty and Immigration . . . As explained by Gum Balls

No, I’m not talking about liberal goof balls, but rather gum balls.  Immigration as interconnected as it is with world poverty, is eloquently explained by Roy Beck from Numbers USA.  Entitled Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs.  It is also linked to terrorism, as described in my recent post Immigration, Terrorism and Economics Explained . . . Why you should support our President.

The video below was made in 2011, but continues to hold a lot of truth today.  Since 1990, we have allowed an average of 1 million immigrants into this country.  Has this done anything to improve the world situation or world poverty?   As you will see, that’s a big NO.  Our immigration policies do not address the real problem in the world, which is over-population in poor countries and the inability to sustain the present course of immigration and the ability of our world to continue caring for these people.  The answer lies within those impoverished countries.  They will be ultimately held responsible.

But many liberals and immigration sympathizers will say, “We should help these people, let them immigrate to our country for a better life.”  But, will that really make a difference in solving the root of the problem which is Poverty?  Who in this world deserves our humanitarian compassion?  As we all now know, many Jihadists look at those impoverished countries for their next soldier.  The next terrorist or bomber.  They know that these young men and women coming from these countries are embroiled in the notion that their impoverishment is caused directly by the west.  By the richer countries that keep them poor.  Of course, this is what ISIS want their followers to believe.  They then interlace their own cocktail of Muslim and religious logic to brainwash them into believing they should kill as many westerners as punishment.

The immigration policy set forth by Trump is different because it actually addresses terrorism.    So, let’s see how bringing more people into this country helps solve the world dilemma of poverty, which has its direct links to terrorist organizations.

So, one solution to world poverty and its links to terrorism is to tackle this dilemma from within their own country and not through immigration.  Of course there are other factors that play into the terrorist role on western countries which is not limited to Sharia law and brain washing.  You can also argue that lack of birth control  adds to this dilemma.  But economics and education probably play the biggest roles.  By not providing economic stability and education in most Muslim countries, who are far behind us in those two categories, terrorism and instability has found its place in the world.

According to the video below,  a gumball represents the 1 million legal immigrants that the United States has taken every year on average since 1990.  And who are considered poor or impoverished in this world?  The world bank has one measure of the desperately poor in the world. Those who make less than two dollars a day.  And how many people make less than two dollars a day in the world?

Let’s start with Africa.  In Africa alone there are 650 million people who make less than two dollars a day, and in India another 809 million people are desperately poor. In China there’s another 480 million people making less than two dollars a day. And unfortunately the rest of Asia has a heartbreaking 810 million people who also make less than two dollars a day. And finally there’s 105 million of Latin America’s population that are desperately poor.  And all in total, the world bank says that there are 3 billion people in the world who are desperately poor and making less than two dollars a day.  That’s 3000 gumballs. And every year we take 1 million and suggest that we’ve somehow made a humanitarian difference.

Of course, we don’t pull our immigrants from these desperately poor populations, do we?  These people are too poor, too sick, to disconnected to make it here as immigrants. (These are the people that will get left behind and likely turn to terrorism.)  We tend to pool our immigrants out of the better off poor of the world and Mexico tends to define the type of immigrant we bring here.  Because the plurality of people are from Mexico and Mexico is poor. How many people in the world live in countries that have average incomes lower than that of Mexico? The World Bank tells us that that number is these 3 billion Gumballs plus another 2.6 billion people.  That’s 5.6 billion people in the world who live in countries with average incomes below that of Mexico. That’s 5600 gumballs.

So what is it the elites (and Hollyweird) is telling us?  They’re telling us when we take these 1 million immigrants that we are somehow or another tackling world poverty. And we have to do it regardless of the effect on our unemployment, the working poor and the most vulnerable members of our society. This is regardless of the effect on  our natural resources.  Even if we went by the most radical proposals in Washington, which was to actually double our immigration to 2 million a year, this would totally overwhelmed our physical, natural, and social infrastructure. We couldn’t make a noticeable difference.

We may actually be hurting the impoverished people of the world because the million that we do take are among the most energetic, often the better educated, certainly the most dissatisfied people.  If they do not immigrate would be the agents for change to improve the lot of all the people in these countries.  The true heroes in the global humanitarian field are the people in these countries Who have the wherewithal to immigrate to another country but instead stay in their countries to apply their skills to help they are a fellow countrymen.  Unfortunately, our immigration system tends to entice these very type of people to abandon their countrymen. The impossibility of making even a dent is actually worse than it looks here because last year when we took 1 million immigrants, these countries added births over deaths and added 80 million more people into the impoverished population.

And next year you can be quite sure that Congress, unless stopped by the American voters, will bring in another million immigrants in these countries and unfortunately will be adding another 80 million people into these impoverished nations.  We could take 5 million a year but we would never get ahead of what’s happening in these countries. Not in this century.

Don’t you see?  Immigration can never be an effective or significant way to deal with the suffering people of the world. They have to be helped where they live. 99.9% of them will never be able to immigrate to a rich country. There’s no hope for that. They have to bloom where they’re planted; the only place that 99.9% of these people can be helped is where they live. Let’s help them there.

Transcript by Roy Beck (


2 thoughts on “World Poverty and Immigration . . . As explained by Gum Balls

  1. Thank you for providing badly needed information based on reality. Just a financial aspect of the cost of immigration policies: our industrial base has left for lands with labor costs at subsistence level and lack of reasonable regulations; welfare costs are paid for with either petrodollar or additional debt that add to the nineteen trillion plus dollars already owed to bankers; international powers, unelected, and their bankers will own our resources and land and lead us into Globalist tyranny. We will have laboured and died for our own destruction and that of our children.


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