Russiagate, Russophobia and Flynndication

Michael Flynn handed in his resignation this week and stepped down as National Security Advisor to the President.  This in apparent response to giving “incomplete information” on the events concerning sanctions placed on Russia in the 11th hour of the Obama administration.  Apparently, Flynn spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the day the Obama administration slapped sanctions on Russia for election-related hacking.  This in response to breaking the One President rule.

Of course, the Democrats and liberals are having a field day with this one.  Putting every spin possible and pointing the finger at Trump.  Putting our “National Security at risk”.  How this could have happened and why the ‘misinformation’ to Vice-President Pence, blah blah blah.  James Woolsey put it all into perspective saying that he is not even sure if Flynn realized he had done anything wrong by speaking to the Russian Ambassador.  I mean, the entire Russian hacking and sanctioning by Obama was drastic by all means.

Much of the controversy centers on a 1799 statute called the Logan Act.  However, Flynn is unlikely to be indicted under the statute.

Now, it seems, the Democrats want to run with the possibility that President Trump may have known about the conversation before he was actually President, which would impose a fine or make it a felony offense with risk of imprisonment. I’m sure the Democrats would love that one.  This whole episode seems almost as silly as Conway being chastised for mentioning that everyone should buy some products from Ivanka since Nordstrom dropped her fashion line.  The left will stop at nothing to trash talk the administration.

Today, NBC reported  the US Government Ethics Office will launch an investigation and take “disciplinary action” into the public endorsement of Conway’s Nordstrom comment.  A potential breach of federal ethics rules.  And the show goes on.

Flynn is no stranger to controversy.  Obama dismissed him as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014.  Apparently he was fired by Obama for insubordination after he failed to follow ‘guidance’ by his superiors.  (Fox News)

Now the Democrats on the hill are calling for an all-out investigation into the Russian hacking scandal and recent allegations,  yada, yada, yada.  Chris Murphy, (D-Conn) tweeted:  Flynn’s departure only matters if 1) he’s followed by a mainstream, experienced replacement, 2) we get to bottom of the Trump/Russia story.  Brendan Boyle, (D-Penn) tweeted:  Tomorrow all members of Congress, both D and R, should unite to call for congressional investigation into Trump/Russia ties.  Steve Cohen (D-Tenn)  tweeted:  First resignation!  A poor choice predicted to end badly,said my former CIA pal weeks ago.  Flynn’s selection by amateur .  Whats next?😨

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) tweeted:  Flynn’s resignation is a good 1st step. If colluding w/Russia on sanctions is unacceptable, what about colluding w/Russia on the campaign?  And, of course, the worst resistance to Flynn came from California.  Rep. Eric Swalwell led an effort to have 100 congressmen and women sign a suspension letter against Flynn.  Now many are concerned about Trump and a possible “blackmail” by the Russians, etc.  He tweeted:  Removing 1 rotten plank doesn’t fix a compromised platform.  We need to know if @realDonaldTrump‘s loyalties are w/ us or Russia .

House Minority Leader and clown #3,  Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of stonewalling and called for “truth and consequences.”   “We want to know by what authority did General Flynn have these conversations (with the Russian envoy),” she demanded.

Talk about governmental neurosis.  Apparently, this isn’t the end of the story for the Democrats.  They are reeling with delight in the prospect of trying to prove some type of allegiance that Trump has to the Ruskies and that they somehow helped him win the election.  Can we really trust what the Washington Post or the news is telling us.   This was supposed to be “accurate journalism?”  Apparently, the FBI released and even leaked information to the press concerning phone calls Flynn had with Kislyak.  Trump is aware of the political witch hunt.   He tweeted today:

“The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N.Korea etc?”

It’s a kind of Russiagate; leaked phone calls, cover-ups and the news.  Could the media and ‘the establishment’ be in a position to entrap the president?  You see where this may be going.  Next thing you will hear is Trump directly spoke with the Ruskies before the election for special favor.  Now the liberal left is calling for an “Impeachment” of our president 3 weeks into office.

Dan Rather recently posted this on Facebook concerning Watergate scandal as being perhaps “the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now”.  Silly Dan Rather.

But, instead of the Democrats praising Trump for demanding Flynn’s resignation because he gave conflicting information to the vice-president, they want to lambaste Trump.  Who cares why he wasn’t told earlier.  And who really cares if he had talked to Russia about sanctions.  It wouldn’t have made any difference in our foreign policy relations.  The president actually had no problem with Flynn talking to the Russian Ambassador.  Since the Washington Post released the story, you could say that the tapes of the phone calls to the Russian Ambassador borders on entrapment concerning Flynn’s actual role in discussing sanctions.

Unfortunately, this sort of liberal fodder or Flynndication will get the Democrats nowhere. The roles of purported Russian hacking and the FBI investigation is a total waste of time and money.   This is just another side-step to the administration and the work it has ahead.  Overturning Obamacare, improving relations and Foreign diplomacy, curtailing immigration and getting jobs back in the U.S.   Basically, reversing Obama’s eight year mess.  The democrats can continue to obstruct and try to overturn this administration at every turn or , as some have suggested, overturn the presidency.  But it’s a real shot in the dark.  Maybe a full investigation and debunking of Russiagate would end these mindless, liberal distractions.


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