Liberal Left Intelligence in the FBI

I firmly believe after the debacle of Flynn’s ousting, there is a rat or stooge in the FBI leaking intel to the media trying to undermine the Trump administration and the potential for a Russian alliance.  And FBI leader Comey has been about as silent as a mouse about it.

It was revealed that Flynn had been in conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  Some of those conversations may have been about Russian Sanctions.  It happened before Trump took office.   Now there is the posed Watergate question of  ‘What did the president know and when did he know it.’

Trump asked for Flynn’s resignation Monday night following reports in The Washington Post that revealed Flynn had misled Vice President Mike Pence in denying the substance of the call and that Justice Department officials had warned the White House that Flynn was a possible target of Russian blackmail as a result.  Trump promptly fired Flynn and accepted his resignation gracefully.  And not soon after blamed the media on leaked intel and ‘fake news’ to the public.  Not because of the risk of ‘blackmail’.

So, are we to actually belief that Putin could ‘blackmail’ Flynn against our government and Trump?  What a joke.  This is more media spin by The Washington Post.  

Gideon Marx sums up the entire Flynn debacle like this:

After you wade through all the baloney:

Sally Yates, an Obama appointee is scheduled to be fired.   Sally Yates was promptly fired by Trump after she declined to uphold the travel ban within the state department. (CNN)  She remains because Chuckles the Clown Schumer was dragging his feet on the Jeff Sessions confirmation and wanted to help her cause after she leaves by ingratiating herself to Democrats.  She liked Obama’s politicized sanctions that were put in place to cast doubts on the legitimacy of Trump election.  Trump and any rationally thinking person (which excludes McCain & Graham whose butts are still sore after Trump lambasted them during elections), understand that Obama wasn’t punishing Russia with proof of anything.  CIA Director John Brennan is a Democratic flunky.  So Sally Yates wanted to kiss some Democratic rear-end prior to hitting the road when the new Director came in.  She promptly broke the law by releasing Flynn (private citizen at time) conversation with Ambassador.  (Fortune)  John Brennan seeks to lie up as much as possible to help in the “Trump is illegitimate” campaign ordered by Chuckles the Clown Schumer.  The Washington Post is eager to look like it’s part of a great “expose” took their master’s bait and ran with it.  There is zero evidence of any kind of any influence whatsoever the Russia influenced the election.  Yet they continue with it to try to dent Trump and his administration.  John Brennan knows that anybody doing business with anyone in most authoritarian countries will have some “contact” with intelligence officers of some kind, undercover, at the licensing, real estate, sales, etc. ends.  Brennan and his Dem puppet-pals conflated typical interaction with “talking to intel officers” to help in the new smear campaign against Trump.

All, including The Washington Post, actually believe that Trump “lies” when he does not lie at all. He uses figurative language, but his points are always spot on. You don’t have the right, Brennan, Yates, or any other traitor, to attack the president for partisan reasons because your Obama-era policies are no longer going to be followed.

We know what you are doing. You aren’t fooling the 64 million who voted for Donald.

Trump has real reasons to be upset at the leaks.  It will likely undermine Russian diplomacy, which is exactly what the out-going Obama administration and all his liberal, Democratic lackeys want to happen.  Obama just may be fulfilling his 11th hour coup de grâce.

A congressional source told Fox News they believe the intelligence was known to a small circle of Obama administration officials and appointees at the end of last year, including some working within the intelligence community — and the leaks were targeted and coordinated to undermine the administration. (Fox News)  It’s obvious until Trump fires and rids the administration of these Obama lackeys, they will continue to undermine his administration at every turn.

Now, even 2 months after the election, the Democrats are holding on to some shred of evidence that Russian hacking may have influenced and given Trump the election.  And, if they fail to prove the connection, they will all look like fools.  Regardless, they now look like a bunch of buffoons and fools.

Leaking intel is nothing new and came to the forefront in December when head of the House intelligence committee became “alarmed” by the intelligence community leaking intel to the media regarding Russia’s alleged interference in the election without informing Congress.  In fact, the CIA and FBI couldn’t even get on the same page.  The media is quick to jump on the conspiracy band-wagon even reporting on Dec 13th, 2016, the CIA reported there was a Russia Mounted Operation to Help Trump Win.  By the 16th, they retracted those statements.  (Russian Hacking and other Nonsense)

The media will spin its spin and have you believe that the leaks were what led to Flynns resignation. However, it was Flynns dishonesty to Pence concerning his discussion with the Russian embassador that led to his firing and resignation. However, the leaks of intel are more far-reaching. Obama operatives leaking intel to the media could potentially undermine our relations and negotiating power with Russia as an Ally. This is exactly what Obama had in mind by imposing sanctions on Russian in his 11th hour of office.
The media will spin its spin and have you believe that the leaks were what led to General Flynn’s resignation. However, it was Flynn’s lack to disclose information to Pence concerning his discussion with the Russian embassador that led to his firing and resignation.  However, the leaks of intel are more far-reaching.  Obama operatives leaking intel to the media could potentially undermine our relations and negotiating power with Russia as an Ally. This is exactly what Obama had in mind by imposing sanctions on Russia in his 11th hour of office.

As serious as those leaks were, it’s relatively benign when you consider these latest leaks.  The phone call and discussion with Russian ambassador Kislyak was monitored by the FBI under FISA on December 29, 2016.  Although Trump was not in office, Flynn, a top adviser,  was already part of his then-president elect transition team.  He made calls to other foreign dignitaries as well.  Because of the Russian hacking probe by democrats, Flynn was already targeted by “Obama advisers“.  The FBI recorded the phone call hoping to catch Flynn in some type of incriminating dialogue on sanctions and about the President-elect.  Don’t kid yourself, the FBI has a stooge ready to undermine the administration at its very core.  Unfortunately for the liberal left, Flynn’s call was as benign as a mole on your ass.

Soon after the call was made, Obama officials asked the FBI if a quid pro quo had been discussed on the call, and the answer came back no, according to one of the officials, who like others asked not to be named discussing delicate communications. The topic of sanctions came up, they were told, but there was no deal.(National Review)

 So why was the FBI investigating Flynn and more recently interrogating him?  This is the political discourse that we are facing everyday between the liberal left and conservative right in our government.  Until Trump rids any political insider from trying to undermine his presidency, Obama operatives in the FBI and CIA will continue to flex their muscle.

The National Review article Why was the FBI investigating General Flynn by Andrew McCarthy sums this disparity up very clearly:

In contrast to General Flynn, as to whom there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, there was a Mount Olympus of damning proof that Hillary Clinton committed felony violations of a law against mishandling classified information. Yet Director Comey concluded that “no reasonable prosecutor” would consider indicting Mrs. Clinton. Why? Because behavior of the type in which she engaged is never prosecuted. Now it happens that Comey was wrong about Clinton — to make his assertion, he had to paint a narrowly skewed picture of her misconduct and ignore several prosecutions of military officials for far less serious violations. Nevertheless, he does run the Bureau, and so we must assume that his explicit guidance governs its investigative standards: “Responsible decisions . . . consider the context of a person’s actions, and how similar situations have been handled in the past.”

It’s obvious that there was no need for an FBI probe or investigation in this instance.  There is no basis for a criminal or intelligence investigation of any kind.  It’s plausible that the FBI was the actual root of the problem that eventually got Flynn fired.  Unfortunately, the liberal left and Democrats in government will continue to hold onto any nugget of information as proof that Trump won the election with Russia’s help.  Hoping that an FBI investigation will shed some light on a topic that has grown dim right after the election.

Now, any role the intelligence community and the FBI play in the investigation of Russian hacking will lose any real credibility after this debacle.


4 thoughts on “Liberal Left Intelligence in the FBI

  1. WOW, have you been duped…open your eyes man! POTUS is not fit to lead. The white house is in total disarray and his actions/words are hurting real people. In his last press conference, POTUS made it clear he would not have fired Flynn if there had not been a leak – ie he instructed Flynn to make a deal with Putin. When everyone found out POTUS was forced to act against FLYNN to save his own butt. Putin’s failure to retaliate against the US for Obama sanctions makes it so obvious. Just to be fair, your right the media among others is biased (see The things people say: Trump, the Media, and their words) I’m only a bleeding heart liberal half the time. I truly want POTUS to succeed and if he spent as much time trying to govern as he did trying to make himself look like the savior of the world and covering up for his ineptitude he might have a fighting chance. RESIST!

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