The Mainstream Fake News Media

The media continues to take it upon itself to tout that the administration is now chaotic, overwhelmed and in total disarray.  And nothing could be further from the truth.  After condemning the media in his first press conference on Thursday, the mainstream media continues to spew lies and untruths.  Trump recently tweeted:


The leaks are certainly real, but the news is completely fake.   As I recently posted, much of the turmoil in the present administration is more about liberal rats leaking intel and fake reports to the media.  How can you explain intelligence information leaked to the public before the president even knows about it?  And being leaked to liberal rags like The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Recently, Trump contacted CIA director Mike Pompeo asking him to stop leaking intel to the news media before notifying him.  Pompeo responded by saying, “The CIA does not, has not and will never hide intelligence from the President . . .”

However, this has already been proven not to be true.  When asked if the press is the “enemy” of the American people, Reince Preibus responded on Face the Nation this weekend,

“I think that the problem we’ve got is that we’re talking about bogus stories like the one in the New York Times, that we’ve had constant contact with Russian officials. The next day, the Wall Street Journal had a story that the intel community was not giving the president a full intelligence briefing.  Both stories grossly inaccurate, overstated, overblown, and it’s total garbage.  So we spend 48 hours on bogus stories and the American people suffer.  So I do think that it’s a problem.  I think that the media needs to , in some cases, not every case, needs to get its act together. ”

“Well, the theory is the press is supposed to be a free form of information to speak to the American people.  I think it ought to be accurate.  I think we have gotten to a place where the media is willing to run with unnamed sources, apparently false leaked documents to create stories.  I mean the media will run with one story after the next.  I think the media should STOP with this ‘unnamed’ source stuff and put names on a piece of paper and print it.   If people aren’t willing to put their name next to a quote, then the quote shouldn’t be listed.”

This is apparently a complaint by previous White House’s, but no one has called the press the enemy.  

“I think in this case, we have a feeding frenzy that has gotten so out of control, we should be looking at the President’s accomplishments.  Why don’t we talk about the fact that we’ve pulled out of TPP?  We passed an executive order that says for every one deregulation, we take two out of existence.  We nominated Neil Gorsuch.  We signed a bill to save our coal mining jobs.  We’ve met with the UK, we’ve met with Canada.  We met with Israel.  We have done so many things that are noteworthy and accomplishments one day after the next.  The story line should not be about bogus Russian spy stories, but should be that this president has accomplished more in the first 30 days of his presidency than people can remember in a very long time.  It’s a story of accomplishment.  And that’s not what we are talking about.”

And what would you say to anybody who takes license with the idea that when the press is declared the enemy, we should act on that precedent?

“I don’t know what you mean by act on it,” Priebus said. “I mean, certainly we would never condone violence. But I do think that we condone critical thought.  I think that if Americans put critical thought, and I think they will, into what they are reading in these newspapers and actually what is being accomplished by the Trump administration, they would realize that the press, in many cases, has not been doing their job in reporting the truth.  And truth is, day after day after day, we have good stories to tell, great accomplishments. Businesses are coming back, the stock market is at an all time high, companies like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Intel and all across this country are adding jobs by the thousands.  And it’s because President Trump is doing these things everyday to give confidence to business owners and workers across America that things are getting done positively.”


“We are talking about stupidity and intelligence reporting that is based on facts that is not coming out of the actual heads of these intelligence agencies and we’re sitting here talking about it.  And it’s a shame.  And it needs to end.”  (CBS Video)

Senator John McCain recently declared at a European conference that the administration is indeed in disarray.  Without directly naming Trump, the Republican senator from Arizona systematically ripped President Trump’s views on immigration, NATO and foreign policy in a blistering point-by-point speech at the Munich Security Conference on Friday:

“What would von Kleist’s generation say if they saw our world today? I fear that much about it would be all-too-familiar to them, and they would be alarmed by it.

“They would be alarmed by an increasing turn away from universal values and toward old ties of blood, and race, and sectarianism.

“They would be alarmed by the hardening resentment we see toward immigrants, and refugees, and minority groups, especially Muslims.

“They would be alarmed by the growing inability, and even unwillingness, to separate truth from lies.

As much as I respect our war hero, McCain has completely fallen off the deep end.  Priebus responded again on CBS Face the Nation after being asked his take on Senator McCain’s observations of his administration and said:

“Well, I think it is a good criticism of the media . . . it’s very difficult to separate the truth from the lies (But he wasn’t talking about the media referring to TRUMP) . . . I get it and I understand the question. . . I’m asking you to do the same (referring to CBS news and the mainstream media). . .  in regard to the media and what we have been dealing with lately and responding to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of cable news, with one chiron after the next of a lie from another source that doesn’t want to actually provide the name of a single person in these bogus stories.  So, we would rather talk about the truth and what is happening instead of these bogus stories.  We would rather go through the litany of things that we have accomplished.  The lobbying ban, the hiring freeze, the deregulations, protecting the American people from terrorists . . . I think its been an accomplishment.”

Concerning McCain’s speech, who made the claim about truth from the White House? (Likely referring to McCain’s statement “We must persevere. And through it all, we must never, never cease to believe in the moral superiority of our own values—that we stand for truth against falsehood, freedom against tyranny, right against injustice, hope against despair … and that even though we will inevitably take losses and suffer setbacks, through it all, so long as people of goodwill and courage refuse to lose faith in the West, it will endure. “

“I don’t even know what he’s referring to,” Priebus said of McCain, a vocal critic of the president. “I mean– I didn’t see his statement. But he would be wrong in regard to that statement and the White House and President Trump.  The fact of the matter is, the level of accomplishment that he has put forward so far in the first 30 days has been remarkable.”

Trump has eluded to the fact that the administration is running “like a fine tuned machine.”   . . . They have said they are on your team and on your side.  The white house says they have everything under control. Some people are worried that not everything is in control. There may be a blind-spot at the White House.   Some things may need to be fixed.  What would you say to the people who have their doubts, them , those people? 

“Well, first of all, there you go again,” Priebus said.  “You’re talking about ‘some people’, those people, them, they.  Who are these people?  Again, without naming names.  This is what you guys do (referring to CBS).  What we hear from people on the hill is the same thing that I’m telling you.  The media is obsessed with a lot of false, hollow stories without sourcing that we have to track down and deal with.”

In every answer, you turn it back to the media.   So I guess the question is, is the strategy now to answer every question and turn it back on the media?  Fight with the media in a way to try and control the story?

“The last few questions you’ve asked make no sense,” Priebus said. “I mean, you’re talking about people that you’re not naming, and whether or not some things need to be improved, and what would you say to people that say some things. I mean, what things? What people? What are you referring to? Give me a specific question with a specific purpose, with a specific accusation, and I’ll answer the question. But you’re asking me a vague question without any specifics, and you want me to give you a specific answer. It’s ridiculous.”

“I think for one thing, the administration is a finely tuned machine.  But I also think it’s a machine that is the longest administration without a full cabinet.  And as those cabinet positions are being filled, the positions underneath those cabinet secretaries are being filled.  I do think that things will get more robust.  They become more built out as you move forward. I think all those things are going to help the entire Trump administration.   But as far as what we’ve done on a daily basis, whether it’s been meeting with retailers or talking of women empowerment, or meeting with foreign leaders , or signed an executive order , or saving the coal industry.  These are the things that we are doing day in and day out.  And I think that the media should spend more time on the actual substance of what is happening as opposed to hollow stories about what MIGHT be happening out there across the world which is not necessarily based on fact or specific information.” (Full CBS video)

It’s obvious that nuggets of information coming from the media that seem like Intel is probably just part of a larger story and may or may not have any truth to it at all.  You have to ask yourself this question:  When NBC, CBS , The Washington Post, The New York Times or any other mainstream media news agency tells you something about Russia or what the president is planning, what memo was discussed, who said what coming out of the White House, is it real or just fake news?


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