You would think the way people are protesting about the repeal of Obamacare this week, that somehow, healthcare should be FREE.   And then there is “Little Timmy” and the thousands like him who supposedly couldn’t have made it in the world with an insurance cap.  Ask yourself this: Who do think is paying for all those cap limits that were removed leaving a never-ending running tab on healthcare costs?  Yep, it’s you and me. It comes out of the increasing cost of healthcare premiums with forever decreasing benefits. Premiums are going to increase by 22% -25% in 2017 and in some states more. Insurance deductibles will continue to get so high that most people will never be able to use their insurances, so they will continue to skip it. Benefits will continue to get cut.  Heck, health insurance is just about worthless for the average consumer these days. So, get ready Taxpayers. You will be forking over nearly $10 billion more to cover double-digit premium increases. The cost of premium subsidies will increase by $9.8 billion in 2017, rising from $32.8 billion currently to $42.6 billion. (NPR) Thanks Obamacare.

A new Obamacare repeal and replace Healthcare Policy Brief and Resources was just released.  This 17 page report outlining the failure of Obamacare and the plan for a repeal and replacement plan starts by saying, “Obamacare has failed”.  Please read it.

Obama has been lying to the American people saying “Obamacare works” ever since it was signed into law.  At its signing into law in March 2010, many chanted “Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! and Joe Biden took Bo aside and said, “Mr. President, this is a big fucking deal!”.  It’s been a disaster from the day it launched.  It failed miserably.  Now the American people are up in arms complaining that they will be taking away “their” healthcare, once again. I distinctly remember when people actually did see their healthcare disappear when Obamacare came on the scene. How short is the liberal memory in such matters.

Obamacare is based on an income-based subsidy system that is killing healthcare and job growth.  This includes imposed mandates that is sucking the life out of Healthcare and imposes hardships on business owners.  Obamacare will be replaced by age-based tax credits, opening the healthcare market to younger, healthier individuals. There will be flexibility in the healthcare market.  Other improvements will include a free market and being able to shop for healthcare across state lines.  Job-killing employer mandates also will be scraped improving the business environment and eliminating a penalty on business growth. Obamacare has not only destroyed the delivery of healthcare, it has also penalized businesses, stifled business growth and increased our national debt through subsidies.

And remember how Obama touted that we have 22 million people who now have health insurance who couldn’t get it before?  Well, all Obamacare did was double-down on the Medicaid program and more governmental controlled delivery of health care benefits.  And we all know how good the benefits are for the Medicaid program, don’t we?

So what will a new system of healthcare look like?  A replacement plan has already been set in place called the  Empowering Patients First Act—which is the most detailed of all the Republican proposals to replace Obamacare.  To fix the present system there has to be more flexibility.  More variety in types of plans. Let insurers offer a wider range of plans so that consumers, not lawmakers, politicians and bureaucrats dictate what’s best.

The new system should protect those who carry continuous coverage and not coddle those who jump in and out of healthcare plans and allow them to enter the market when their health needs change. A new system also should scrap the job-killing Obamacare mandates imposed on companies to discourage hiring (remember that Obamacare forced companies with over 50 employees to cover each one). What this did in the work place is force many employers to hire part-time employees. This way they didn’t have to incur the huge cost of insurance coverage. It also forced many companies to lay off workers.

So how is the new plan shaping up?  This week, it was announced that the newer replacement plan would repeal Obamacare’s taxes and mandates, and replace the tax subsidies for purchasing insurance on the exchanges with age based tax credits and incentives for health-savings accounts.  The details of those tax credits are not provided, save that they would be age-rated and refundable but not adjusted by income. In order to control some costs, the plan mentions “state innovation grants” for creating high-risk pools of sicker individuals and for funding preventative care. The plan would also roll back enhanced federal funding to states for the Medicaid expansion, although there would be an unspecified “period of stability … to ensure we are not pulling the rug out from underneath states or patients.” (The Atlantic)

Unfortunately, the American people inherited a terrible healthcare plan as Obama tried to do what no other president could do:  Improve the delivery and decrease the cost of healthcare.  He just ramrodded HIS plan through congress without one Republican vote.  Trump inherited a healthcare mess.  Now the Republican party without any bipartisan help, will try to fix it.  So, if you are protesting about “your” healthcare and you are one of those unfortunates who believe that “little Timmy” could not have survived without Obamacare, think again.


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