Celebrity Politics

Celebrity and politics.  It just doesn’t get any stranger.

Could there be a conspiracy?  Where is the outrage. How could this have happened?  La La Land was supposed to WIN.  How could the most popular movie not win?  OMG!  The Russians must have influenced and interfered with this years Oscars.  There will be an impending FBI investigation, I know it.   I expect people to begin protesting immediately.  Let’s get out those protest signs and take to the streets.  We will not be silent.  Moonlight will not be my best picture!  I heard the producers of La La Land are demanding a recount.

Conspiracy?  Perhaps Trump played the wild card to a full house with nine million viewers watching to pay someone to switch the winning card.  Smooth move.  It’s odd that after last years outcry of diversity and ‘boycott’ by black actors turns into this years Moonlight win ‘by default’ after the wrong movie was announced as Best Picture.  From the elite actors pussy hat ideals and affirmative actions,  I smell a rat.

Hollyweird can’t run its Oscars and it certainly has no limit on its advice on how to run our country and its politically laced rhetoric.  After Jimmy Kimmels Trump-laced rant including his standing “O” for that over-rated actress Meryl Streep and his comment of Trump tweeting during his 5 am bowel movement . . . it just got weird.

The biggest gaffe and talk in Hollyweird this morning is the colossal faux pas of the best picture announcement.  It was announced by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, presenters for Best Picture, that La La Land won.  Then in a major turn of events that will be talked about for years to come, Moonlight was then announced to be the actual winner.  For an agonizing few minutes while Oscar statues were distributed to the cast , writers and producers and the speeches began and practically finished, the Fake news came:  Moonlight was the actual winner of Best Picture!

“This is not a joke”.  Oh, yes it is.  And the joke is on YOU.   The boycott was real and many Americans did the smart thing, they sat out from watching the Oscars.  The Hollyweird elite and its followers are now officially a minority.  The ratings didn’t stake up to previous Oscar shows.  The three-hour and forty-nine minute Oscar broadcast on ABC averaged a 22.4/36 in metered market results marking a nine-year-low.  It was the second lowest ratings in history since that prize for that broadcast goes to the 2008 Oscars. (CNN media)  The message to be learned here:  Political satire has its ratings consequences.  Unfortunately, Hollyweird will never learn.

Pricewaterhousecoopers released a statement:

“I sincerely want to apologize to Moonlight, La La Land, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture.  The presenter has been mistakenly given the wrong category envelop when discovered was immediately corrected.  We are currently investigating how this could have happened and deeply regret that this occurred.”

In fact, the envelope given to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway was for Best Actress category for La La Land’s Emma Stone. Pricewaterhousecooper apparently has 2 envelopes and gave the presenters the wrong envelop.

Could this have been staged or just a payback from the politically charged left always wanting to take center stage at any award show?  I, for one, did not watch this politically laced side-show.  This carnival of politically charged liberal actors who think so little of our country.  Those politically charged actors who think they need to speak up for America and be its voice.  They live in their own microcosm and are overpaid for their services.  I love film, but actually can’t stand the celebrity culture that comes along with it.

While they bask in the glory of fame and riches, millions can’t find a decent job. Illegal immigrants are pouring into our country. So they make a movie, wear a tuxedo or ballgown, and sign all those autographs.  The celebrity culture has no bounds.  If I made as much money as even one celebrity in Hollywood, I would keep my fucking mouth shut and secretly laugh my way all the way to the bank.  The bravado that the Hollyweird elite possess is by far removed from the rest of us.   They actually think they have a civic duty to tell us what is best.  I’m still waiting for some of them to leave the country.

We didn’t hear one liberal millionaire at the Oscars announce how they would sponsor, house or aid a refugee, homeless person or vet out of their own pocket.  All we heard were lectures and ‘jokes’ of Trump at the expense of real Americans.  All talk, no walk.

The contrast of the Hollyweird elite to the rest of us is striking.  As so eloquently posted by someone on Facebook:

The deplorables did not watch this fiasco. we have better things to do like take care of our families, get up early to go to work and get our kids off to school.  We would not waste our time on dumbed down people who hate our United States of America.  We work and have ethics.  We are the buying power in this country and the voters.  There will be no more movies in our lives. We are reading and spending time with our family.


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Politics

  1. Um.. methinks there’s a few more important things going on in the world (and the country) than a flub at the Oscars. “Ha! Funny!” Now time to move on. Great to see all the white folks are letting black folks win a few this year. Whoopie-do.


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