The DNC Fails Again

This week, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez won the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman race over the weekend in Atlanta. He ousted Keith Ellison, a spirited, African American congressman from the Midwest, who was the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives.  That wouldn’t look good to the racist democrats, so they chose Perez.

I would think after the democrats and liberal left accused Trump of being an Islamaphobe, the DNC would have been more than happy to elect Ellison as their first Muslim leader.  Maybe the DNC electorate were afraid Keith would change his name to Hussein.  Well, it worked for Obama?  Of course, that would have been the nail in the coffin for the DNC.  So, with Perez, they are just a few nails short.  Talk about a DNC fail.

Perez is no great prize either.  I heard Perez on NPR this morning railing about the need for the party to get together and initiate a “50 – state strategy ” plus the territories to have a chance at gaining majority on the Republican stronghold.

“We need to redefine our mission as a Democratic party”.

Redefine?  Really?  Is this the best the party can come up with?  A 50-state strategy is almost word-for-word what Howard Dean said in 2016. (NPR) The former Vermont governor was then lobbying to be Democratic National Committee chairman and discussed his strategy for a 50-state plan.   He had already served as Chair of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009.  Not very original.

Now Perez talks about the “every zip code strategy” because he seems to think the democratic values resonate with the American people.  “We are the party that fights for Medicare, fights for social security and fights for better wages.”  Sure they are.

He also hit the ground running against repealing Obamacare, probably the most controversial hot-button topic for both democrats and republicans.  I could hardly believe my ears.  He specifically said Obamacare was not the “job killer” that everyone is saying it is, but rather “it’s a life-savor.

He seems to think the ACA was funded, in part, by a tax on “wealthy people”.  So when you repeal the ACA, you are giving “wealthy people a massive tax break”?  OK, can anyone explain that one to me?  Then he goes on to say what every left liberal continues to preach:

“The reality is the Republicans don’t have … a replacement. . . It has been a lifesaver for people. And when you are trying to repeal something that has created access to health insurance for so many people, that makes no sense. And that’s why we’re fighting against it.” – Tom Perez, new DNC Chairman (NPR)

Of course, this won’t win any favors with the American public who have seen their lives turned upside down by Obamacare.  As long as the Democrats continue to fight against the will of half this nation, they will certainly loose any chance of democratic majority in 2020.

It seems like Perez and the democratic party need a new strategy and outlook to even have a chance at winning the next election.  And adopting a 50-state strategy and trying to continue failed democratic policies like the Obamacare disaster will not get them even close in 2020.  The old democratic cronies and clowns like Schumer, Pelosi and Warren will continue to road block the republicans at every turn. It’s time the DNC cleans house.  They need to begin distancing themselves from the Obama legacy, which will be systematically dismantled by the Republicans.

They will refuse to work with the republicans on repealing and replacing even Obamacare, which is likely the #1 topic in America and destroyed any hope of a democratic presidency.  Forget about those emails and other scandles, Obamacare was the most contentious.  It looks like the DNC has a long and hard rode ahead to 2020.  Let’s hope they take that radical left turn and tumble down that cliff and come to their senses.


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