American Healthcare Act will Replace Obamacare

It’s kaput, shit, broken . . . so let’s move on.   Obamacare is not fixable!  It can’t be fixed, tweaked or debated. The new American Healthcare Act was unveiled this week.  It repeals all taxes, penalties, and subsidies imposed by Obamacare.  Democrats are sticking to their guns that Obamacare can somehow be amended to ‘fix’ some of the less desirable aspects of the program.

Of course everyone, including some house and senate Republicans are saying everyone is going to “lose their healthcare coverage under this new plan.”  Where have I heard that  before?  Really?

What about the 6 million who actually lost their existing insurance after ACA was signed into law?   The media and Obamacare activists would rather you look the other way on that figure. Here is a typical response on why ACA doesn’t work.

“ACA has made healthcare unaffordable for me and a lot of people near me in Illinois. I did not get to keep my policy like he promised, but the premium went from $3000 per year to $11000 per year and a deductible of $6500. This for a bronze plan. I’m a healthy 56 year old who has never used it. Why should I have to pay for those around me who refuse to take care of themselves or save for their future. We only have one provider in our county now and I know of plenty of people who have bills twice as high as mine. There is also a penalty for being married as most could get a subsidy if separated or divorced but living together as opposed to married and living together.”

Chuckles the Clown Schumer responded with this tweet today:

In reality, this is just the beginning. NPR reports today: “There are three phases of this plan,” Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told reporters this week. And the bill now being marked up in House committees is just the first step. (NPR)

Phase 2 of the plan will address regulatory adjustments and Phase 3 will allow insurance companies to sell insurance plans and policies across state lines.  It will also allow the government to use its purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices.

What is surfacing on the new plan is the tax-based subsidies now based on age rather than income. Obamacare is based on an income-based subsidy system that is killing healthcare and job growth. This includes imposed mandates that is sucking the life out of Healthcare and imposes hardships on business owners. Obamacare will be replaced by age-based tax credits, opening the healthcare market to younger, healthier individuals. There will be flexibility in the healthcare market. Other improvements will include a free market and being able to shop for healthcare across state lines. Job-killing employer mandates also will be scraped improving the business environment and eliminating a penalty on business growth. Obamacare has not only destroyed the delivery of healthcare, it has also penalized businesses, stifled business growth and increased our national debt through subsidies.

Obamacare also touted that we have 22 million people who now have health insurance who couldn’t get it before? Well, all Obamacare did was double-down on the Medicaid program and more governmental controlled delivery of health care benefits. And we all know how good the benefits are for the Medicaid program, don’t we?

Genevieve Wood, in her brilliant article Why Obama’s ’20 million’ number is fake, she reports:

Multiple studies have also shown that even those who are uninsured often have better outcomes than those with Medicaid. A University of Virginia study found that for eight different surgical procedures, Medicaid patients were more likely to die than privately insured or uninsured patients. They were also more likely to suffer complications.

Obamacare has also directly added to the cost of overall healthcare for the other Americans who get their healthcare through the open market.  Premiums are now set to increase by 22% and over 140% in other states such as Arizona.  On the Obamacare exchange, almost every insurer is either increasing it’s rates or dropping out of the exchange altogether.  In Texas, the largest insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas said it is seeking increases averaging from 57.3 % to 59.4 % across its individual market plans.  North Carolina’s largest insurer said it will seek an average increase of 18.8 %.

An analysis of nine states by the consulting firm Avalere Health found that average premium increases for the most popular kind of plan ranged from 5 percent in Washington state to 44 percent in Vermont. (NPR)  Anthem, is the nation’s second-largest insurer.    In its home state of Indiana, it is currently seeking premium hikes from nearly 20 percent to 41 percent for coverage under the health care law.

To off-set the cost of Obamacare, insurance companies now have raised their deductibles to the highest rates ever seen in insurance history (5K-10K for some).  So if you want an affordable monthly rate, you can choose a plan with a higher deductible.

And what do we get for these higher costs?  Fewer services, fewer insurance companies and fewer choices.

And who are the people rallying for Obamacare and against the new plan?  The truth is the liberal media and others have turned this topic into a political firestorm just because Trump had based much of his campaign on the failure of Obamacare.  Remember, for most of us, this is why he won the election among other hot-button topics.

So now the liberal and Democratic outcry against Trump is to continue to try and save Obamacare and rally against the new plan.  Let’s see how this plays out and give this plan a chance.


2 thoughts on “American Healthcare Act will Replace Obamacare

  1. There are problems with what the Republicans are proposing. The time to kill this was back in June, 2012. And, if Roberts of the Supreme Court had not taken it upon himself to rewrite the law, ObamaCare would have been judged correctly as being unconstitutional. Republican appointments to the high court fall short too often.


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